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Why?  What Can I Do?

As adults, we seldom rely on kids to make the proper choices concerning their health and well-being; that's what we are called to do as parents, teachers, coaches and administrators.

A kid won't go, "I think I should protect my balls" and go buy a cup and supporter.  They probably wouldn't go buy one if they did think that due to embarrassment!  We need to encourage our boys to protect themselves, and require them to do so!  We should help them realize that this is just another style of underwear that benefits them, not something that hinders them or to cause embarrassment.

The possible pending litigation should be enough for groups to get involved.  Leagues, clubs and schools, as well as the board members and even coaches, could be found liable in some capacity if the organizations and individuals are not taking the necessary steps.  To show good faith, regardless of the current or former practices, all organized sports should be requiring participating boys to protect themselves.  Those playing contact sports, or sports where a ball is involved, are the primary group involved.  This means all baseball/softball, football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, cricket and rodeo teams or groups are definitely included.  They should have in their Rules or Guidelines the statement to the effect that "All male participants are required to wear an athletic supporter and cup as the base layer of protection for all practices and games.  Players without required gear will not be allowed to participate.  Cup checks, consisting of players "rapping" on their cups, will be administered prior to practice and play."  This statement should be highlighted, and pointed out to all participants.  Additionally, the organizations must follow through with the requirements or liability could still be found.  An additional side benefit is that players will be more confident and aggressive in their play when they don't have to worry about protecting themselves from errant balls, elbows, feet, equipment, etc...

This is about protecting our boys, and helping them protect theirs!  Protect the future generations!